Victoria Taylor's Seasonings have been honored with many prestigious awards including Outstanding Food Gift for Victoria Taylor's Culinary Salts and the American Tasting Institute's Gold Medal for best tasting gourmet seasoning blends in the country. Victoria's products are sold from our website and in gourmet, gift and specialty food stores all over the country.


Victoria's seasonings are all natural that bring healthy choices of flavor to your table.

Anglesey Sea Salt   Add to Basket
This crystallized salt from the Isle of Anglesey is a gourmet finishing salt from the cleanest ocean water off the west coast of Wales, UK. Anglesey Sea Salt has a soft, flaky texture and retains many trace minerals and elements important for good health. The taste is clean and the texture is light and crunchy. 

Celtic Sea Salt   Add to Basket
A product of natural crystallization of the ocean waters near Brittany, France. Harvested by hand, using century old methods, Celtic Sea Salt retains the ocean's true essence. Adds a great texture to any dish. 

Chipolte Pepper Flakes   Add to Basket
A dream come true for those that love smoky flavor with heat. Chipotles are smoked jalapenos, with a heat ranking of 7 out of 10. Imagine the flavor impact of smoky chipotle peppers in your favorite spicy dishes. Add to chili, pizza, Mexican dishes, soups, marinades, or dips. 

Herbes de Provence Seasoning Tin   Add to Basket
Herbes de Provence includes a blend of seven herbs with the added character of lemon and lavender and a hint of garlic. This more complex character makes this Herbes de Provence great on chicken, veal and fish as well as vegetables.  Roasted Provincial Potatoe Recipe

Kansas City Rub Tin   Add to Basket
Kansas City Seasoning combines black peppercorns with brown sugar, paprika, garlic, mustard seeds and herbs to create the perfect rub for flavoring steaks and barbecue pork. The black pepper and paprika provide some blackening and the brown sugar caramelizes a bit during cooking to create a slight glaze on the meat. Grilled Steak Recipe

Sicilian Seasoning Tin   Add to Basket
Sicilian Seasoning is a versatile favorite for pizza, pasta, salads and grilled fish. It is based on traditional Italian recipes to create an aromatic blend of herbs and sweet carrots, accented with red pepper and garlic. As soon as you open the package you'll smell the oregano and thyme and of course the garlic. You may also detect a hint of fennel. Make an easy Classic Red Sauce with this Sicilian blend and you will always crave it. RED SAUCE RECIPE

Tuscan Seasoning Tin   Add to Basket
Tuscan seasoning has shades of wheat, green and a hint of red pepper. The aromas offer cool rosemary and nutty toasted sesame. This delicious Tuscan Seasoning is a natural for pasta, pork and veal dishes. Add to olive oil for bread dipping! Bread Dipping Oil Recipe

Mediterranean Seasoning Tin   Add to Basket
Mediterranean Seasoning is a strong and versatile blend dominated by oregano and garlic. Because of it's herb and garlic character, it's a natural fit for focaccia, stuffed peppers and potato dishes Easy Focaccia Recipe